Ajanta Brass Industries  
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Ajanta Brass Industries - Manufacturer and exporter of Brass Sanitary Parts, Brass Auto Parts, Brass Gas Parts, Brass Electrical Parts and Brass Electronic Parts. We at Ajanta Brass Industries, are committed to quality, timely delivery and adhering to buyers specifications. Apart from our huge production capacity, we also have associates to cope with any level of mass productions. Surf the site and know more about us.

The market & competition are the stimulating elements of all enterpreneurial activities and determines the success. Ajanta Brass Industries, based on sound economic, technical-scientific and organisal principles, is in a position to have a say in future developments, is a perfect match for the challenges presented by the market and competition.

Ajanta Brass Industries is an independent company, characterised by a high level of efficiency achieved through skilled engineers and staff. Ajanta Brass Industries manufactures finest brass turned components of all kinds.

Our unit is equipped with highly precision automatic as well as some semi automatic machineries, skilled labours and good quality control. We ensure that every components and fasteners produced at our plant matches in minutest details, those made by technologies any where in the world. We aim to deliver products with “Zero” defects with very optimum prices.