Wel Come to  Devi Turnomatics Pvt. Ltd.....      

     M/s. Devi Turnomatics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of Precision turned Metal components having applications in Automobiles, Instrumentation, Electrical, Electronics, LPG  Valves, LPG  Regulators & other allied lines.

Earlier running under the manner and style of M/s. Devi Enterprises since 1973, with the present Directors as partners of the firm is named as M/s. Devi Turnomatics Pvt. Ltd. since 2005, steadily achieved consistent growth, having won the confidence of our all India Clients of National/Inter-National Repute.

We have a team of qualified, experienced professionals and our present total employment is approximately 200 persons.

Because of our very stringent system for guaranteeing quality as per the quality plan (ISO, IS, JIS, DIN, etc.), we are rated as ‘A’ grade vendor by  almost all the companies we deal with.

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Basically, our infrastructure is more suited for production of components, which are continuous every month & are in sizable quantities.



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